It's time to ditch 'practice makes perfect' for playing the game in the present moment.

February 2023

A thriller-autobiography from the perspective of Ford's Theatre.
An interview with the poet, writer, and dear friend of mine.

January 2023

Don't worry, the title scared me too.
An interview with the award-winning noir author and travel writer.
The How-To Strategy on how I ditched my bad cellphone habits.

December 2022

MVPs, Presidents, Life Of The Party, and a few more to say the least.
Bonus: A lot of coffee talk.

November 2022

Because I'm just the cheeriest girl in the world.
Halloween night - the only fitting time to share this one: An abstract and nonlinear creative piece about an old Victorian home.

October 2022

Flash fiction teaser of An Eye For Yours! I've missed this crazy narrator and can't wait for you to meet her.
A thriller author's favorite time of year. Choose your fighter...or horror title.