Hi, I’m Lindsey Lamar

When I was making my business card a few years ago, I jokingly called myself the writing industry’s reflective detective. Somehow that split has stuck to me like melted Neapolitan.

Read Detective: On one hand, I’m a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author writing interactive mystery novels. My most popular novels involve the reader as a character. One who must analyze clues & conduct interviews to solve the case at hand. Think Hunt-A-Killer games meet a Lucy Foley novel.

Read Reflective: On the other hand, I strive to be a deep thinker. I like to put my perspective onto the keyboard to work out an idea. Free thinking is what I’m all about, a scarce resource that I hope to help people harvest here. This corner of the Internet won’t penalize your perspectives. We’ll dissect them. Some people hate it. Some people quite like it. And some people can’t decide and subscribe anyway. I’m not here to make up your mind. This section of my newsletter is free.

Take a look around. And watch out, fiction characters occasionally poison each other in haunted art museums around here.


In 2023, I decided to launch my own publishing experiment. It’s called Experiment42.

Experiment42 was founded on the hypothesis that independent authors can advocate for their own visibility by taking complete ownership over their own work.

The experiment predicts that authors can hold proprietorship of their writing and still produce high-quality projects. A favorable experiment results in ex42 assisting authors in bringing their publication dreams to fruition without compromising shares of their work.

If you’re an indie author, or you’re simply curious about what I’m doing to create equity in the space & why: click here.

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Lindsey Lamar is a published mystery author and essay writer. She writes both “reflective” and “detective”. Clue says that Lamar usually did the crime: In the Study. With a Fountain Pen.