The magazine founder, editor, and fiction author has arrived to drop advice for writers at all stages. Give it up for Sam!
Don't worry, the title scared me too.
That doesn't mean you're stuck. Keep your career moving forward, even when the economy doesn't follow.
It's time to ditch 'practice makes perfect' for playing the game in the present moment.
An article about giving yourself permission to stop struggling against those goals.
It's time to perfect the pitch section of the artist resume in three simple steps.
An interview with the award-winning noir author and travel writer.
The How-To Strategy on how I ditched my bad cellphone habits.
An article about taking your power back from the algorithms to safeguard your creative and consumer individuality
Some thoughts about embracing change in my personal life. Written on an airplane flying through a rainstorm - so you know it's dramatic.
My Sagittarius sun teamed up with my Capricorn moon for this one. (ECA = Entrepreneurial Creatives Article)
Bonus: A lot of coffee talk.