What's Behind the Publishing Curtain?

The Unsealed invited me to join a tell-all Q&A about what it takes to publish a book.

Writer or not, if you haven’t heard of The Unsealed you’re missing out. I met the founder, Lauren Brill, through Instagram after submitting to a writing contest. A former decorated journalist turned investor and CEO - Lauren’s platform has been featured in The New York Post, Sports Illustrated, and People just to name a few.

The Unsealed traffics new users from paid-writing contests which have attracted inspirational storytellers from across the globe. Furthermore, members of the community have access to a variety of resources including member-led conversations with people in a variety of top-notch industries. Through Lauren - I’ve been able to meet big name journalists for ESPN, The Washington Post, and more. Many of these people will do an interview on The Unsealed Show. When Lauren texted me that she had a cancellation and asked if I could talk to members about publishing, I happily agreed.

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Lauren was kind enough to give me a clip of our conversation to share with you all. I hope that you enjoy! New articles are on the way soon. Thanks for hanging out here with me.


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